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Fund Formation & Investment

This practice vertical caters to the needs of the fund industry. Our typical service offerings are in the following areas:
  • Advising clients on structuring the fund as debt, equity, or hybrid
  • Advising on appropriate entity or vehicle for the fund such as pass-through trusts, LLP, LLC,  keeping in view the objective of the fund and the impact of such vehicle for the investors and the fund organizers
  • Advising on tax efficiency which includes selection of an tax efficient vehicle and planning taxes in the hands of the investors and fund organizers
  • Advising on SEBI, RBI, FEMA, Company Law and other related regulations
  • Representing  before various Authorities such as SEBI, RBI, etc. for necessary regulatory approvals
  • Drafting of the fund documents such as the placement memorandum, investment agreements, charter documents for the fund vehicles and assisting in execution of the same